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WiFi Help


  • Place your router as close as possible to the area where you are working.
  • If you put your router along an outside wall, you’re sending half your signal outside. 
  • Keep it elevated and free from any physical obstructions like furniture and appliances. 
  • Avoid reflective surfaces like glass, mirrors, and metal. 
  • Walls, especially those made of concrete, can also severely degrade your Wi-Fi signal. 
  • Adjust your router’s antennas. Your router’s antenna is omnidirectional, so the signal goes every direction equally. 
  • Routers often compete for airwaves with other household devices. 
  • Rival devices can include cordless phones, Bluetooth speakers, microwave ovens, and baby monitors.
  • If your network is Open (no security) change the security setting. An open network will make it easy for someone to steal your Wi-Fi. 
  • If your network is using WEP, change the security setting. Older WEP security is easily hacked.


If you need to check out an LBUSD WiFi Hot Spot, call Franklin @ (562) 435-4952 for a lunch appointment to check out a WiFi hot spot.

If you have a WiFi Hot Spot, turn off your home WiFi. You can't use both at once because they interfere with each other. 

Call (562) 315-8083 for additional hot spot help from the district.