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School Loop Resources

Student Username and Password Help

If a student is having trouble logging in to School Loop, there are three possible causes:

  1. They have not registered for School Loop.
  2. They did not register using their 9-digit student ID # as their username.
  3. They did not register using their 6-digit birthday ID # as their password.

Any teacher or staff member can help a student fix these issues.

  1. Click Student Records in the Quick Link on your main, Portal page.
  2. Locate the student.
  3. If they have a red asterisk next to their name, they have not registered. Tell them to register. Click here for the student registration steps.
  4. If they have no asterisk, click on their name.
  5. In the upper, right corner, you will see their Student Info where you can see their ID # and their Login Name
Student Info
Student: John Doe Grade: 08
ID: 200012345 Page Views: 0
Login Name: JohnnyD      Help Login


If a student has the wrong username like the example above, follow these steps:

  1. Have the student log in using the wrong username.
  2. Have them click Account Management in the upper, right corner.
  3. Have the student change their own username to their 9-digit ID #.

If the Username matches their ID #, the student probably has the wrong password, click Help Login to reset their password to their 6-digit birthday.