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P.H.A.T. Club

Personal Health and Awareness Team

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Phat Club 2016-2017
Phat Club 2016-2017
Beach Walk 5K for LB Children's Clinic
Beach Walk 5K for LB Children's Clinic
PHAT Club Teachers!
PHAT Club Teachers!
Holiday Gift Exchange
Holiday Gift Exchange

Healthy Tips of the Week

PHAT club is here to help you improve your health for Franklin's students and for our community. To start off with, we are going to give you a healthy tip of the week every Monday.

We hope you stay healthy and keep your grades up because we still have a ways to go. So then Wildcat scholars, here are your healthy tips for each week:

  • Make sure to start your day with a healthy breakfast. So your body and brain have the energy they need to make a successful day at school. Wildcats, please note that Hot Cheetos or candy in the morning are not a healthy breakfast. So then, make it a great and healthy week and GO WILDCATS!!!- Angelica Gonzalez
  • Be more active. The more you move, the more you work out your body. Getting 30-60 minutes a day is the start to a healthier lifestyle. The more vigorous the exercise the better. So instead of walking on run days, you should be running. Make it a great day and keep up the good work wildcats. Have a nice day! - Diana Garcia
  • This week we are asking you to ear 2 cups of fruits and 2 cups of vegetables everyday to stay healthy for the rest of your life. Eating healthy foods can lead to a healthy life and a healthier family. So cut back a little on junk food like chips and candy!- Cheyenne Keo
  • Did you know that eating a variety of healthy ?You need over 40 nutrients such as vitamins and minerals everyday for a good health.No single food contains them all. Eat what you like, but remember to select healthy foods.

Hey Franklin Wildcats-here's the last health tip of the year brought to you from your PHAT Club:

Build Relationships

Having good relationships with other people is the most important factor contributing to a sense well being. This can include family, friends, workmates and others in the community. Investing time and energy in your relationships can lead to great benefits for all involved.


Give to Others

Making a contribution to the community, however small, increases social well being. Many people feel a sense of contributing through meaningful work, but this could also mean volunteering, helping a neighbor or preforming small acts of kindness. Take some time to do things you really enjoy. Pleasant events can lead to positive emotions that can cancel out negative feelings.

Have a healthy and safe holiday break! See you next year! - Mrs. Baltazar

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PHAT Club Leaders


Vice President: DIANA GARCIA



Social Chairperson: KARLA DE ALBA

Team Lead Teacher: MS. BALTAZAR

PHAT Club Meetings

Phat club meetings are held every Tuesday at lunch in Room 422.