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LBUSD Portal (myLBUSD)

The LBUSD Portal

Go to the LBUSD home page and click MyLBUSD ( Log in with the same username and password that you use to log in to your computer. You can use the LBUSD Portal in many ways:

  • eHelpDesk - Create and monitor HelpDesk tickets.
  • Network-drive access at home! Store a file in your N-drive (Mac example: For file access, click the cloud icon in the lower, left corner, then File Services (Please limit the number of files that you store, as our server space is limited.)
  • Free downloads, including Sophos Anti-Virus for home PCs Note - exe files are PC only. These files do not require an admin password to install. For downloads, click the cloud icon in the lower, left corner, then File Services.
  • A complete users guide can be found here: Portal Users Guide


The Curriculum/Instruction section of the Intranet has tons of resources including Professional Development Videos. The Intranet is accessible at home or at school via the Portal in the Applications menu. See steps above to access the Portal.

Free PDF Maker for PCs

If you want to be able to "print to PDF" to create PDFs from your Word docs, there is a free PDF Maker for PCs in the portal:

  1. Login to MyLBUSD (see steps above).
  2. Click on Account, then File Services, then Public Downloads, then District Computers Only.
  3. Click on the Save icon next to DoPDFv7.exe (File will automatically download.)
  4. Double-click on downloaded file to install without admin access.
  5. To create a PDF, select do PDF as your "printer" and "print".