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LCD Projectors

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LCD Projector Document Camera (or Digital Camera, Camcorder, TV, etc.) broken, need bulb, and/or cleaning?

Projector Maintenance

  • Slide the cover over the lens to put the LCD projector on standby when not in use.
  • ALWAYS follow correct shutdown procedures-- Do not unplug or power off the LCD projector until the bulb has cooled.
  • When prompted, clean the air filter (instructional video below).

HDMI Connection

Instead of computer speakers in classrooms, we use an HDMI cable to carry the sound along with the video display to the LCD Projector, then control the volume from there.

HDMI cable

Desktop PCs & iMacs require an HDMI adapter, but Chromebooks can connect directly to the LCD Projector with just an HDMI cable.

PC HDMI adapter  apple HDMI adapter

Once you connect the HDMI cable, you will need to turn on screen mirroring:

  • PC - Right-click on the desktop and select Display Properties.
  • Mac - Open System Preferences... Displays 
  • Chromebook - Click on the lower, right corner