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Lab Rules

Lab Rules

1.  No food or drinks!

  • This includes water bottles! Keep them in your backpack until you leave the lab!

2.  Keep your feet off the tables.

  • It moves the tables and rips cables out of the wall.

3.  Keep your hands on your mouse or keyboard.

  • Do not touch the computer screens.
  • Do not unplug any cables for ANY reason.
  • Do not touch another student's mouse, keyboard, or any other part of their computer.

4.  Stay on Task!

  • Do not "explore" the computer's applications/programs. 
  • Do not talk or help your neighbor, unless you were told to do so.

5.  Leave the computer exactly how you found it.

  • Do not change any settings, including the desktop image. This is not "your" computer. You are not allowed to personalize it in any way.
  • Hang the headphones on the right side of the monitor.
  • Make sure the keyboard and mouse are in their place.
  • Push in your chair.


no food or drinks

Computer monitor