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Proper Posture
correct posture

Typing Jobs

Even if a job doesn’t require you to have a minimum typing speed, it can be to your advantage to be able to type quickly.

  • Having typing skills can help you accomplish your work more effectively when you do need to type.
  • Having a fast typing speed can also make you more marketable in the job field. In other words, it will be easier for you to get a job.

The following jobs have typing requirements:

  • Secretary and Receptionist – 65 to 80wpm 
  • Data Entry – 60 to 80wpm
  • Legal and Administrative Assistant – 70 to 100wpm
  • Medical Transcriptionists – 70wpm (and accuracy is very important)


No Slouching!
incorrect posture
Hand Placement
keyboard hand placement
Home Keys
keyboard home keys