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The Giving Project


The goal of the project is simply to help those in need. Some of our students do not have food, blankets, shoes, etc. Thanks to a partnership with The Garden Church, Donors Choose, and The Long Beach Giving Project, we have been able to help many of these families.


In 2018, Justin Rudd ran a competition that allowed for teams to spend $500 in a way that would benefit a school, community, or various individuals. The team that utilized these funds most efficiently won an additional $500. Franklin entered this competition with four teachers who wanted to make a difference in the lives of our students on. Our team created a writing prompt: “If you had $100, what would you do?” We won the competition, received another $500 to help their school, and launched the Franklin Giving Project which is currently in its 2nd year. Four more teachers have joined the project along with the Garden Church

Food Pantry List