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  • Students should inspect their Chromebooks at the beginning of use and immediately report any issues.
  • NO Food and drinks anywhere in the classroom when laptops are in use.
  • Teacher-assigned student numbers help hold students accountable for proper use and care of the equipment.

Broken/Missing Keys, Headphones, Mice

  • We hold students financially accountable for missing equipment.
  • If the teacher feels that equipment was broken by the student on purpose, we hold students financially accountable.
  • If the teacher feels that the damage is a result of normal wear and tear, the student will not be fined.

Chromebook Enterprise Issue - If you see a screen referring to "Enterprise", log in with your teacher login. It will register the Chromebook with LBUSD. Then, log out and have the student log in.

Keyboard Issues - Wrong letters? Click the abbreviation in the lower, right corner and change the keyboard back to US or INTL.

Wrong Language - Click the status area in the bottom-right of your desktop.

  1. Select Settings icon
  2. Click Advanced--Language and input
  3. Select the three dots next to English (United States)
  4. Check Display Chrome OS in this language
  5. Click X to close the settings

Secure "Browser Unsupported" Issue - Update the Chromebook

Chromebook Keyboard