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Common Issues

  • Chromebook Enterprise Issue - If you see a screen referring to "Enterprise", log in with your teacher login. It will register the Chromebook with LBUSD. Then, log out and have the student log in.
  • Keyboard Issues - Wrong letters? Click the abbreviation in the lower, right corner and change the keyboard back to US or INTL.
  • Login Issues - If no student can log in to a particular Chromebook, email and include your room #, TISB/Inventory #, and Chromebook #.  
  • Cart charging issues - Some carts do only charge one shelf at a time to save power. If your Chromebooks are charging inconsistently, please email with your room # and the cart Inventory number.
  • Missing Keys - Please email and include your room #, TISB/Inventory #, and Chromebook #. We hold students financially accountable, so email student's names to to
  • Missing Headphones - Please email me. We hold students financially accountable, so email student's names to

Cart Procedures

  • Individual Chromebooks are not to be checked out by teachers or students.
  • The Chromebooks must remain in the carts when not in use, unless they are picked up by a district tech.
  • The cart power cord MUST be plugged in to a power source.
  • Students should inspect their Chromebooks at the beginning of use and immediately report any issues.
  • Please report damage issues to the HelpDesk.
  • NO Food and drinks anywhere in the classroom when laptops are in use.
  • Chromebooks CANNOT be used by a substitute in your absence (unless the sub has been pre-approved and has experience with Chromebooks).
  • If you have technical issues, please make an eHelpDesk ticket.

End of Use

Please allow 5-10 minutes at the end of class in order to properly follow these procedures when you are finished:

  • Make sure the Chromebooks are off before students return them to the cart.
  • Students should not be dismissed until all Chromebooks are accounted for and the cart has been inspected by the teacher.
  • Students and/or teachers must return Chromebooks to the corresponding numbered shelf in the cart.
  • All Chromebooks should be plugged in.
  • All Chromebook numbers should be facing the same way with the power port facing out.
  • Lock the cart and keep the key connected to your school keys.

Chromebook Numbers

  • The Chromebooks are labeled with numbers.
  • Teacher-assigned student numbers are REQUIRED and will help hold students accountable for proper use and care of the equipment.
  • Please keep a current roster of your students’ numbers.

Chromebook Resources

Chromebook Keyboard