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iPads Carts and Class Sets

iPad Sets

  • Individual iPads are not to be checked out by teachers or students.
  • The iPads must remain in the cart when not in use, unless they are in room 414 with Mrs. Anderson for troubleshooting or servicing.

Proper Use and Care

  • The cart power cord MUST be plugged in to a power source.
  • Students should inspect their laptops at the beginning of use and immediately report any issues.
  • Please report damage issues to the HelpDesk.
  • NO Food and drinks anywhere in the classroom when laptops are in use.
  • iPads CANNOT be used by a substitute in your absence (unless the sub has been pre-approved and has experience with iPads).

End of Use

Please follow these procedures when you are finished with the laptops:

  • Make sure the iPads are completely off before students return them to the cart.
  • Be sure to allow students sufficient time to put the iPads away prior to leaving class.
  • Students should not be dismissed until all iPads are accounted for and the cart has been inspected by you.
  • Students and/or teachers must return iPads to the corresponding numbered shelf in the cart.
  • All iPads should be plugged in.
  • All iPads numbers should be facing to the left with the power port facing out.

PLUG IN the power cord to charge the iPads.

iPad Numbers

  • The iPads are labeled with numbers.
  • Teacher-assigned student iPads numbers are REQUIRED and will help hold students accountable for proper use and care of the iPads.
  • Please keep a current roster of your students’ iPad numbers.


  • Keep the carts locked when not in use.
  • Keep the key in your possession.


Try this if your iPad is frozen and won't respond to your finger:
  1. Press and hold both the Sleep/Wake (a.k.a. "power" button) and the Home button (round, @ bottom, center) simultaneously for 10-15 seconds.
  2. For a frozen iPad, the red slider should appear. Keep the buttons pressed. The Apple logo will appear.
  3. Release the buttons and the iPad will hard reset by shutting down and then restarting.
If this does not fix the issue, a teacher should make an eHelpDesk ticket.

Technical Issues

If you have technical issues, DO NOT leave the problem for the next teacher to deal with. Please make an eHelpDesk ticket and or e-mail Kim and Jacob.