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Export Reports to Excel

When you export a report to Excel, students' full names are listed. In Excel, you can sort alphabetically, filter for specific issues, and more!

  1. Click Reports then Class Level Reports.
  2. Click Export (next to print).
  3. The default file name is ClassLevelReport.csv and it will save to whereever your downloads usually save. Take note of where the file is saved and click Save.
  • The csv file will open in Excel. You can sort, apply filters, etc.
  • After making these changes, you will be prompted  to save as an Excel file.

Page updated by Kim Anderson 2/13/18

HelpDesk Tickets

Make an eHelpDesk ticket and CC when...
  • a chromebook doesn't allow anyone to log in.
  • a student can't log in to any chromebook.
  • a chromebook doesn't boot up.
  • a chromebook is damaged.

JiJi Freezing?

JiJi Freezing Issue - JiJi Freezes in the Negative Operations section.
Solution - ST Math Engineers are working on it. In the meantime, here's the workaround...
  1. Triple-click in the lower, right corner to go in to "teacher mode".
  2. Log in using your teacher log in. 
  3. Arrow back one step.
  4. Student can continue working. 
  • It will freeze 2-3 more times.
  • Each time it freezes, just have the student repeat steps 1, 3, & 4 (Step 2 won't be necessary, as JiJi will just automatically log the teacher back in.)
  • Eventually, it will allow the student to continue without freezing.